description here Adina Howe, PI
Assistant Professor
Iowa State University
Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
description here Jinlyung Choi, PhD

Interests: functional metagenomics, metatranscriptomics; computational biology; reproducible research; data science and training

Hobbies: web design, sounds engineering, biking, hiking

description here Nicole Ricker, PhD</a>

Interests: mobile genetic elements; environmental science

Hobbies: music (guitar, cello), cycling, tennis, badminton, watching hockey and enjoying Belgian beer/chocolate

description here Fan Yang, PhD

Interests: how microorganisms contribute to our daily lives in natural and engineered systems

Hobbies: nature and outdoor sports, photography, playing guitar, and eating good food (om nom nom)

description here Phil Colgan
PhD Student, ABE

Interests: sustainable energy and agriculture, synthetic biology, biosensing, education and training

Hobbies: disc golfing, hiking, craft brews, playing musical instruments, wire wrapping

description here Shane Dooley
PhD Student, BCB

Interests: computational biology, genome editing, and teaching the next generation of scientists.

Hobbies: Spending time with my wife and kids, hunting, fishing, playing basketball
description here Jared Flater
MS Student, ABE

Interests: our natural resources; agroecosystems; data driven science

Hobbies: Spending time outside by playing disc golf or biking along Ames' great trail system

description here Hannah Guyer
MS Student, ABE

Interests: water quality monitoring and management; human-environment interactions; sustainable agriculture

Hobbies: hiking, traveling, watching college basketball, and petting dogs

description here Schuyler Smith
PhD Student, BCB

Interests: genomics; metagenomics; data analysis

Hobbies: games, reading, being active, not being active, sarcasm

GERMS Infections - Current Collaborators

description here DARTE-QM:
Shannon Hinsa (Grinnell);
Heather Allen (USDA-ARS); Tom Moorman (USDA-ARS);
Michelle Soupir (ISU)

Collaborative Group Webpages:

Water Quality Research Lab
The Manure Scoop by Dr. Manure

GERMS Undergraduate Research Assistants

description here Katie Fleming, Freshman, Animal Science
description here Brady Nahkala, Sophomore, ABE

Past GERMS and Old Friends

description here Ryan J. Williams, PhD
Monsanto, San Diego, CA                                                                                    

GERMS Friends (Past Visiting Scholars)

description here Tomas Vetrovsky
Academy of Sciences Czech Republic
description here Minjoo Lee
Yonsei University
description here Hyunji Yoo
Yonsei University