Whatcha been doin?

Adina Howe bio photo By Adina Howe

Ahhhh! Summer has flown by and I haven’t had a chance to jot down what we’ve been up to. Here’s the quick summer recap: “Adina made the rookie mistake of traveling way too much this summer but had a great time doing it”

Here’s the recap:

  • Gordon Marine Microbiology Conference, Girona, Spain - An amazing conference with lessons on how integrating technologies and discipline have made marine microbiology the forefront of microbial discovery
  • Shedd Aquarium Microbiome, Chicago, IL - Can we provide a better marine microbiome for our aquarium friends?
  • EDAMAME Workshop, KBS, MI - Our team represented as instructors, TAs, and students and it was a fantastic crew. Workshop tutorials
  • ISME Meeting, Montreal, MI - Much of our team attended with their posters, some with their first posters! Check out the photos in our photo gallery!

What are we up to?

We had a lab meeting today on our goals for the semester, here are some summaries:

  • Shane is wokring on using some new machine learning algorithms developed here at ISU to see if he can find correlations that cause pit foaming. He is also interested in exploring crspr-cas systems in bacteria in the environment.
  • Phil is working on understanding the impacts of antibiotic delivery on animals and their microbiome resonse. He’s also going to begin some synthetic biology this year, designing a reporter for mobile genetic elements.
  • Fan is getting ready to publish her pitfoam results and the cause of the foaming! The kicker is that her results are being tested and appear to work! She’s helping support our new tech for high throughput environmental monitoring.
  • Jin is looking into the diversity of toxic bacteria in Iowa lake waters and helping develop primers that are part of our high throughput environmental monitoring system.
  • Jared is finishing up his Master’s research, learning about carbon cycling in soil amendments and composting.
  • Nicole is looking at mobile elements and plasmids associated with antibiotics in swine and also what the sentinels of resistance in the environment might be.
  • Adina is happily watching all this awesome work accelerate!