Got Algae?

Adina Howe bio photo By Adina Howe

###GERMS infect Bioprocess Algae

The GERMS lab traveled to Shenandoah, Iowa (taking the scenic route through Missouri and Nebraska because we were to geeked out in our science conversations). There, we were hosted by Joshua Livermore (Mr. Algae Pro) of Bioprocess Algae. Sustainably located right next to an ethanol plant, it was a terrific exploration of how one can grow algae in the middle of wintry Iowa and how managing microbial resources can make real economic impact as this industry begins to grow.

We sadly forgot to take a photo of ourselves in front of the plant with Mr. Algae Pro, but we did make it to the not-to-be-missed windmill in Elk Horn, Iowa.

A fantastic trip, with hopefully a future visit and collaboration.